Dickson Lim Discus Farm IN AUSTRALIA

Proud to Represent

Generations of Discus

Dickson Lim owner of Dickson Lim Discus Farm and older brother to Robert Lim, comes from a family of Discus breeding generations in Penang, Malaysia.

Dickson Lim breeds Albino Discus and uses wild discus to breed into the Golden lines (wild discus).
OZ Discus is pleased to be able to import these Discus to be represented into Australia.

Key Strains include

Albino Dragon

Exclusive Breed

Golden LSS x Leopard

Amazing Breed

Tiger Turquoise

Amazing Breed

Red Passion

Full Red

Dickson Lim Discus Farm

Dickson Lim breeds is re knowned for Albino Discus being the first to develop the Golden Discus through Wild blood in their Golden Leopard Snakeskins strains. 


Also, Dickson have developed sensational Albino Strains with many enjoying the Albino Golden, Albino Platinum and the highly sought after Albino Dragon.

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