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From time to time we import from a range of smaller, but quality farms.  At the present time we have these preview photos only of the incoming Discus.

IP Discus Partnership
IP DISCUS - iPoh, Malaysia

IP Discus

OzDiscus is the Offical Importer

IP Discus - the most awarded farm in the world, IP Discus represents the pinnacle of Discus strains for hobbyists.

The winner of Grand Champions accolades in International competition annually in France, Germany and China.

IP Discus Imports

JIT Laiseng Discus - Penang, Malaysia

JIT Laiseng Discus Farm

King of Snakeskin Discus

Master Breeder Koay Kheng Lock has been breeding Discus for more than 30 years. He was crowned the “King of Snakeskin Discus” in Penang. He has a facility with 300 tanks but producing over 8000+ Discus.

Mr Koay has been shipping Discus internationally to UK, Japan, Korea and China and also breeds Stingrays and Arowanas.

JIT Laiseng Discus Imports

Unique Discus - Penang, Malaysia

Unique Discus

A Unique Amount of Variety

Robert Lim owner of Unique Discus comes from a family of Discus breeders spanning generations.
Mr. Lim breeds specialises in spotted Discus, although with over 1000 Discus tanks Unique Discus is able to generate brand new strains and unique breeding lines.

Unique Discus Imports

Dickson Lim Discus Farm AUSTRALIA

Dickson Lim Discus

Generations of Discus

Dickson Lim owner of Dickson Lim Discus Farm and older brother to Robert Lim, comes from a family of Discus breeding generations in Penang, Malaysia.

Dickson Lim breeds Albino Discus and uses wild discus to breed into the Golden lines (wild discus).
OZ Discus is pleased to be able to import these Discus to be represented into Australia.

Dickson Lim Discus Imports

IP DISCUS - Penang, Malaysia

Chong Discus Farm

OzDiscus is the Offical Importer

Chong Discus are a famous farm in Penang, Malaysia, for their variety of Turquoise strains.  

Chong Discus Farm has over 400 tanks and over a decade’s experience exporting Discus.

Color Fish - Penang, Malaysia

Color Fish

Fine Line, Spotted Strains

Color Fish has some of the widest variety of fine line, spotted strains. Mr Lee's Discus tend to be of exceptional size, with alot of variety and rare strains on offer.

Color Fish Imports

P & Y Discus Farm - Thailand

P & Y Discus

Quality H&K Discus Importer & Farm

P&Y Discus Farm are an exclusive Best Wild Discus supplier for H&K Discus and High Quality Domestic and Discus from Ricky Lim Discus

P&Y Discus Imports

MarvelFish Discus Farm - Penang, Malaysia

Marvel Fish

Quality Importer & Farm

Marvel Fish’s farm is located in Tanjung Malim, Perak state Malaysia. Marvel Fish is in position to supply a variety of Discus of high quality at a competitive price.

Marvel Fish Imports

Imperial Discus AUSTRALIA

Imperial Discus Farm

Pigeon Genetics

The farm is located in IPoh Malaysia, third largest city in the Malaysia, the indoor hatchery covers 2000 square metres with a capacity of approximately 1500 tanks.

Sam Kwan, has been in a pioneer in the business and breeds White Butterfly, Golden, Tiger Checkerboards, White Dragon, Red Panda, and Cordon Blue - some of the most sought after Discus amongst hobbyists.

Imperial Discus Farm Imports

Goh DISCUS - Malaysia

Goh Discus

Ring Gene Discoverer

Goh Eng Khoon is the inventor of the Ring Leopard Discus and discoverer of the Ring gene. He was the first to incoporate Japanese genetics into Malaysian bloodlines

Goh Discus Imports


East Coast Discus Farm


Australian Bred Discus

East Coast Discus provides Australians with great locally bred discus from quality breeding stock.
We are located halfway between Sydney & Brisbane on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW.

Alex Piwowarski - Frankfurt, Germany

Alex Piwowarski

Perfected Discus

Alex Piwowarski is one of the most respected breeders in Germany. Famous for his Red Turquoise strain, Alex produces a unique degree of perfection in the shapes and strains in the hobby.
OZ Discus is very proud to be the partner and official distributor of Piwowarski in Australia.

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