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OZ Discus is independent and this allows us to source select strains from the worlds most renowned Discus farms. You know when you buy a Discus from us, you are looking at a strain that farms have spent many years perfecting. I hope you find our range of Discus suiting to your pursuit in this very rewarding hobby.


We specialise in top quality Discus from Asia, and are the Offical Importer and Distributor of

IP Discus
Diskuszucht Piwowarski
Unique Discus.
Dickson Lim
Color Fish
Goh Eng Khoon Discus
Dr Teoh
P&Y Discus Farm
East Coast Discus
Imperial Discus Farm


All photos you see on our products are Discus we have in store and we do not use any stock photography that misrepresent the fish. Also, our photos are taken straight from a smartphone too without filtering to give you the truest beauty of the fish we have.

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Too often we see customers' complain that their local LFS stocks:
-Sick Discus
-Misrepresented Discus
-Below average Discus
We strive to import only the best from Malaysian and German breeders made available to you in Australia. We also devote ourselves to helping each customer to set them on the right path in starting their Discus journey.'

Ip Discus Partnership

"Richie Dowdall ...."

...one of my boys was on his side tonight hiding and I freaked out ..I messaged Kelvin , not his issue but however within minutes gave me fantastic advice, my little mate is in a tank by himself now sitting and swimming perfectly upright looking like a king again. I am astonished by the knowledge , patience consideration kelvin has shown me . Thank you. No matter what happens you have a customer for life.

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We make sure AUSTRALIA has access to the worlds Premium Discus

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