Testimonials (from our Facebook Group)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Kelvin. We recently had a cross-contamination in our tank (not OZ Discus fish) and they all became so ill that we nearly lost all the Discus.

Kelvin was extremely patient, knowledgeable and his experience, expertise and guidance have resulted in all of our Discus surviving and now thriving.

We are so fortunate to have the guidance and support from Kelvin and Vincent.

- Sophie McLennan


Hi Kelvin,

For your info, my fishes arrived safely and are acclimatising to my tank. It was a pleasure dealing with your company and you have provided the highest standard of service I have experienced.

I would not hesitate to recommend OZ Discus to all my friends and would certainly buy more in the future from you.

- Gary Lee

Cairns, QLD

No questions, just wanted to say that today I bought quality fish and got the best advice.

Thank you Kelvin and Vincent, you are stuck with me now and forever.

- Yvette Levy

Sydney, NSW

Hi Kelvin, I just can’t thank you enough. The fish have been treated and have just gone back in the big tank. Just kept it seperate a bit longer so it was in good health before going back with the others.

What a difference. You guys are so amazing. I don’t know how I managed without you and of course now buying quality A+++ discus fish from OZ 😀

Thank you once again for your time and patience and information 🙏♥️😄

- Nicole Lucas

Melbourne, VIC

Kelvin Chang you guys are the best mate as stated. Helped me and many through some tough situations with, in my case, a great outcome 👌

Would recommend you to anyone looking to discus 👍

- Neil Farley

Adelaide, SA

A huge shout out of gratitude and praise for Kelvin Chang and Vincent Foo at Oz Discus.

You guys have helped us out so much and have definitely gone above and beyond in our eyes. If only all business owners had the same ethos as you with regard to customer service, just imagine how satisfied everyone would be with everything.

Both Narrelle and I can’t speak highly enough of Oz Discus and we will always be loyal customers.

Thank you guys! By the way the YouTube videos you are posting are an immense source of information.

- Alexander Rigo

Melbourne, VIC

Morning Kelvin, we like to have nice tanks and great technology to go with it all.
At the moment it feels like the balance in our tanks is great, water quality and twice weekly WC are. Reducing lighting to 6hrs a day has made a big difference too.

A month ago we raised temp to 34°c for 7 days and treated frozen food with Metrogyl for 3 days. Fish turned a corner for the better. We keeping temp at 30°c and fish are doing really well.

Yesterday we raised temp to 34°c again and this morning fed frozen food with Metrogyl sprinkled over it. ALL fish smashed food this morning, the higher temp definitely increases their metabolic hunger etc.

We so happy with the quality of our fish, thank you. It’s been a great journey so far and brought us a lot of joy. Thank you for all your help, many thanks Mickey and Terry.

- Mickey and Terry Harris

Brisbane, QLD

Firstly Thankyou once again you never cease to impress me ,the quality of the fish in the shipment was outstanding mate pictures certainly dont do them justice

They are 10 times the picture in real life. All arrived safe and sound in QT now for 3 days…..

….Thank you kelvin,,,,  Damn !!!

- John Johnson

Townsville, SA

Best quality discus in Australia. Thank you for making this happen.

- Ken Edwards

Sydney, NSW

Thanks again Kelvin. They’re amazing. Your fish are the best this country has, in my opinion. They are the best in world infact 👌

- Michael Cumming

Melbourne, VIC

These beauties arrived yesterday and are settling in really nicely.This was my very first oz discus purchase and they are just stunning. Huge thank you to Kelvin for everything. Cannot wait to get more.

- Gayle Staib

Rockhampton, QLD

Just wanted to thank you and your team so much for all their efforts. The Fish are out of this World. Stunning and I am so very happy. You have a life long customer right here. Thank you again.

- Graham Thomas De Lacey

Townsviille, Qld

Highly recommend Kelvin from OZ Discus. Premium fish and great knowledge. I have quite a few from him and were shipped with no issues.

- Melissa Hill

Dubbo, NSW

1 Million percent OZ Discus and Kelvin has given me nothing but the best customer service as well as beautiful fish.

- Alana Yamum

Melbourne, VIC

Thanks again Kelvin, your service and support is top class. Best in the country

- Stann Anderson

Pacific Paradise, QLD

Great shop,  the best fish and the team are always keen to help and shared tips on keeping the aquarium in the best condition possible. 1 of if not the best supplier of Discus in Sydney.  Keep up the good work.

- Shane Hamilton

Sydney, NSW

The guys at oz discus are brilliant 🙂

Soon you will have a beautiful overstocked tank like me haha

- Maia Cowell

Sydney, NSW

Mate I baught my first 6 discus of Kelvin and almost lost them 3 times, if it wasn’t for his support and fast replies, now they are growning happily, hand feeding they are literally pigs will eat anything and have them breeding at 9 cms, you made the right choice going with oz discus 😁😍

- Kassem Sindyan

Sydney, NSW

Thanks OzDiscus, once again you guys keep raising the bar. We are so fortunate to have 100% OzDiscus fish in our tanks and we couldn’t be happier. Combine that with outstanding customer service and why would you look anywhere else. Australian Discus keepers are so lucky to have you guys. OzDiscus are simply the best!

- Alex Rigo

Rockhampton, QLD

Kelvin, I have spent heaps of money on salt water fish before as a fish hobbyist but man these discus you get are sooo good. Once again thank you 👍 The quality is insane. Everyone that comes over loves my tank

- Dominic Natale

Sydney, NSW

Hi hope you’re well and I owe you. I’ve been watching how you do things and my fish have grown huge and are so healthy. Because of you I have saved thousands of dollars and enjoyed growing my baby discus with no deaths. I have to thankyou 🥰😘

- Lorellie Nicholas

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Our photos

All the photos you see on our products are what we have in store.

We do not use any stock photography that misrepresent the fish.

Most of our photos are shot without filtering to try give you the truest beauty and colour of the fish we have. 

Any filters we do use are to account for factors that reduce the colour when taking the photo, such as bad lighting. 

We fix using a quick filter to represent the Discus’s real life colour; best as we are able to by eye. These photos are clearly marked as being edited in ‘PhotoRoom’.

Premium Discus Farms

OZ Discus imports from international awarded, show grade, premium Discus breeders.

Each of these breeders are proud to stand behind the fish they supply to us.

By knowing details about the farm and fish, we are able to ascertain the age and breeding line to ensure the highest quality fish are available to you.

View our latest imports from IP Discus, Jagger Discus, Unique Discus, and more!

We are independent

OZ Discus is an independent Sydney store and as such has to uphold important corporate responsibilities.

When you buy from OZ Discus, you get peace of mind that we meet strict RSPCA and AIAA certifications and COVID-19 practices.

We also have dead on arrival (DOA) and returns policies and practices that give you confidence in your purchase.

We hope that you find our range of Discus fish suitable to your pursuit in this very rewarding hobby.

We import from the following breeders and each of these breeders are proud to stand behind the fish they supply to us. By knowing details about the farm and fish, we are able to ascertain the age & breeding line to ensure the highest quality is available to you.

– Tony Tan – IP Discus Malaysia
– Dendy Wijaya – Jagger Discus Indonesia
– Robert Lim – Unique Discus Malaysia
– Lee Chee Fong – Color Fish Malaysia
– Yap Wen Khong – Malaysia
– Koay KL – JIT Laiseng Discus Farm Malaysia
– Dr Teoh – Malaysia
– Julian Sockich & Kephra Richards – East Coast Discus Australia
– Alex Piwowarski – Piwowarski Discus Germany

All photos you see are what we have in store and we do not use any stock photography that misrepresent the fish. Also, our photos are taken straight from a smartphone too without filtering to give you the truest beauty of the fish we have.

We are Independent and have the importance of corporate responsibilities of a Physical Store

OZ Discus is an independent STORE, as well as an IMPORTER in Sydney of Discus fish only and this allows us to source select strains from the Worlds most renowned Discus farms to you.

Moreover, buying from us as an aquarium shop instead of home operators gives you peace of mind. We uphold social and corporate responsibilities in meeting
– COVID-19
certification and practices.

We also have DOA and returns policies and practices that gives you confidence in your purchase. I hope you find our range of Discus suiting to your pursuit in this very rewarding hobby.