Unique Discus in Australia

We are proud to Represent

Unique Discus Farm - A Unique Amount of Variety

Robert Lim owner of Unique Discus comes from a family of Discus breeders spanning generations.
Mr. Lim breeds specialises in spotted Discus, although with over 1000 Discus tanks Unique Discus is able to generate brand new strains and unique breeding lines.

Key Strains include

Fuji Red

Unique Strain

Blue Turquoise

Unique Strain

Snow White

Unique Strain


Unique Strain

Super Red Eagle

Unique Strain

Scorpion Snakeskin

Unique Strain

Unique Discus

This breeder’s most astounding strains are Red Ruby Spider and Ring Leopards.

OZ Discus is pleased to be able to import these Discus to be represented into Australia, bringing variety to the hobbyist.

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