P & Y Discus

We are proud to present in Australia

Quality Importer & Farm

P&Y Discus Farm are an exclusive Best Wild Discus supplier for H&K Discus and High Quality Domestic and Discus from Ricky Lim Discus

Key Strains include

Sparkling Spots

Ricky Lim

Altum Snakeskin

Ricky Lim

Alpha Alenquer

Ricky Lim

Altum Stripe

Ricky Lim

Albino Tiffany Yellow

Ricky Lim

Albino Velvet Rouge

Ricky Lim

World Renowned Breeder

Our selection from P & Y Discus Farm has many Discus from Ricky Lim.  World famous, Ricky Discus are very healthy, large, round & unique.  One of the first breeders of Snow Eruption and Tiger Turquoise

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