Melafix Pond (5ml per 200L Strength)

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Melafix – bacterial treatment and prevention

API® MELAFIX smooths your fishes journey – a natural antibacterial treatment that we use as a preventative measure when adding fish to a new environment. See below for Discus specific recommendations.

Common bacterial infections as follows that develop in the early stages in a new tank

  • Ulcers
  • Open wounds abrasions
  • Tail rot
  • Eye cloud
  • Mouth fungus

These bacteria, which result in fish developing a disease, are combated. At OzDiscus, we would say after 3 days in a new tank the Discus will usually get sick without the addition of this natural treatment.

MELAFIX is not only used for reducing the risk of infection – it is also recommended regrowth of damaged fins and tissue, and heals open wounds.

We highly recommend this product particularly to smooth the transition from store to home, even if the infection difficult to detect. It is a preventative measure.

MELAFIX fish remedy will not adversely affect the biological filter, alter the pH, or discolor water. Safe for reef aquariums and live plants.

Antibacterial remedy containing 45.8g/L Cajeput Oil.


Using Bucket Soak with Melafix


When you recieve our Discus, we highly recommend you Bucket Soak your Discus which removes any external bacteria before it is introduced into the new tank with your other fish.

With Melafix pond 1mL/200L is the recommended dose so be careful about overdosing the bucket!


Does Melafix heal Discus fin rot?


Melafix is a good treatment for fin rot, but there are other products in the market for this purpose that are dedicated to healing fin rot so keep this in mind.

Also, If you notice damage to the fins, it might be one of two things.

Firstly, the fish may have a bacterial infection. In this case you will notice Melafix working after 3 or so days, and the fins in Discus will take up to a month to heal properly. Quite often treatment of Melafix for fin rot is introduced when the rot is quite bad already.

10 days of treatment is recommended here.

Secondly, the Discus’s fins will be so badly ‘melted’ by the terrible water in the tank, that Bacterial infection is not the only problem! A water analysis will aid in eliminating this as a possibility.

So if you notice signs of fin rot, and you have Melafix in the cupboard, 3 days of treatment should show whether this bacteria is in the tank and causing the fin rot.

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